Mythic SWADE edition now available

The new SWADE edition of Mythic is now available at DriveThruRPG here:

This new version of Mythic combines everything from the core book and the Ennam and Saduri expansion into a single book, all updated to the new SWADE version of Savage Worlds.

If you already own a copy of one of the older versions of Mythic there are bundle deals available that allow you to upgrade to the SWADE version for 30% off.

If you own the original version:

If you own the revised version:

Mythic SWADE

The new SWADE version of the Savage Worlds rules will be released soon. A short time after that I’ll be releasing a new version of Mythic that has been updated to work with the new SWADE rules. Not only will this new version be an update, but it will also combine the core setting book with the expansion, so all five cultures and mythologies can be found in the same book. I’m even working on a small introductory adventure to include in the new setting book.

In the future I’d like to release more one-sheets, adventures, and even a mini-campaign or two for the Mythic setting, but there won’t be any more expansions. I’m happy with the five cultures and mythologies already included, and I can’t really think of any other bronze age cultures and mythologies I’d want to add.

Work is also progressing on the gothic horror fairy tale setting called Enchanted Realms. The rules are being updated the SWADE and the rest of the book is being expanded and completed.

Layout Services

Chimera Press now offer layout services for all your pdf and print needs. Rates start at $2.50 USD per page for a standard rpg book layout. More complex layouts will increase the price from there. If you have a project you’d like some help with please contact me and we can work out all the details. For samples of some of my projects please check out the new Portfolio section of this site.

Alban Arthas

Now available as a free download in the Mythic section is Alban Arthas, a one-sheet adventure inspired by the traditions of the Celtic winter solstice festival of the same name.

Mythic: Ennam & Saduri expansion update

Work is nearing completion on the Mythic: Ennam & Saduri expansion book. The writing and layout are mostly complete. The only things that still need to be done are a couple pieces of custom art and some editing on a short piece of fiction. Once those are done, along with some final layout tweaks, the book will be ready for release.

Map of the Known World

I’ve just uploaded a new map of the Known World for Mythic. This map includes Ennam and Saduri, new lands introduced in the upcoming expansion book. This map will be updated as new expansions introduce new lands to the Known World.

Revised Mythic Core Setting Book

A revised version of the core setting book for the Mythic setting is almost ready for release. Within the next couple weeks the book will be made available on DriveThruRPG in pdf format.

In addition to some cleaning up of the text and adding in a couple new pieces of art, some of the changes made to the new version of Mythic include:

Two new locations
Syrna; an Illosian city that has prospered thanks to it’s mighty army
Loch Bannagh; a lake on the island of Pridith that is home to a large number of evil Sidhe, and one of the biggest and meanest lock monsters ever to have existed.

Three new monsters
Daughters of Arachne; horrible spider/human hybrids descended from a princess who was cursed by the goddess Athena.
Dullahan; evil Sidhe horsemen who carry their own severed heads and a whip made of human spines.
Winged Serpents; giant vipers with feathery wings that are so violent they’ll even turn on each other and fight to the death

Duties of the Priesthood
Before, each deity had a list of duties that gave examples of certain jobs and modes of behaviour possessed by worshippers. That never really seemed to fit right, so Duties has been replaced with Duties of the Priesthood. Simple worshippers typically don’t have to adhere to the same rules, codes of behaviour, and expected jobs, that true priests and priestesses do. In the revised boo, priests and priestesses must follow the Duties of the Priesthood associated with their particular deity. Others who simply worship the deity are expected to do their best at following the Duties of the Priesthood, but aren’t required to in order to keep their position as priest or priestess.