Mythic SWADE

The new SWADE version of the Savage Worlds rules will be released soon. A short time after that I’ll be releasing a new version of Mythic that has been updated to work with the new SWADE rules. Not only will this new version be an update, but it will also combine the core setting book with the expansion, so all five cultures and mythologies can be found in the same book. I’m even working on a small introductory adventure to include in the new setting book.

In the future I’d like to release more one-sheets, adventures, and even a mini-campaign or two for the Mythic setting, but there won’t be any more expansions. I’m happy with the five cultures and mythologies already included, and I can’t really think of any other bronze age cultures and mythologies I’d want to add.

Work is also progressing on the gothic horror fairy tale setting called Enchanted Realms. The rules are being updated the SWADE and the rest of the book is being expanded and completed.

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